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Founded in 1987 by Terry Carlson, Pharm.D. , WBM Software began by developing business and inventory management software for small businesses. Specialization in barcode-based inventory control systems soon lead to a corporate partnership in the Jewelry industry where both retail and wholesale inventory control systems utilizing barcode technologies were developed. During this time, Terry Carlson also continued his work as a Senior Clinical Pharmacist in the Clinical Pharmacy Services Department at Fresno Community Hospital and as a Toxicology Management Specialist in the Central California Regional Poison Control Center (Now the Fresno/Madera Division of the California Poison Control System). 

Prior to 1989, Poison Control Centers across the United States utilized a 2-part form consisting of a written history section and a ‘tear-off’ scantron-type form that required tedious ‘bubbling’ to collect vital statistical information on human and animal poisonings. In 1989, Dotlab© (DOS based online patient management system for Poison Centers) first went online in the Fresno Poison Center. Since that time, Dotlab©, and subsequently Visual Dotlab©, the 32-bit GUI-based upgrade to Dotlab released in 1999, have continued to grow in scope, functionality, sophistication and proven stability across Wide Area Networks (WAN). Twelve years of continuous development and uninterrupted 24 x 7 use in  busiest of Poison Centers across the United States and in Canada speaks well for the stability and power of Visual Dotlab©

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WBM Software Philosophy & Mission

From its inception, WBM Software has built its expertise, processes and reputation on a foundation of an in-depth understanding of the business needs of the end-users placing emphasis on responsive, flexible, and agile solutions and strategies.

Our mission is to create long-term partnerships our customers value by consistently solving challenges with creative, cutting-edge technology solutions that empower the end-user.

WBM Software History

Terry S. Carlson, Pharm.D., CSPI - Owner/Developer (TCarlson@WBMSoft.com)

WBM Software formally established by Terry Carlson in 1989.

1996 to Current:    Data Systems Analyst for the California Poison Control System (CPCS)

The California Poison Control System was formed mid-1996. A wide area network (WAN) was established linking the four 'Division' answering sites (San Diego, Fresno/Madera, Sacramento and San Francisco) and the Central Management Office (San Francisco). In September of 1997, the WAN-version of Dotlab©  (DOS-based system) was successfully rolled out across the CPCS WAN. In August of 1999 Visual Dotlab© was successfully rolled out across the CPCS WAN. 

2000 to Current:    Toxicology Management Specialist, California Poison Control System (CPCS)

1995 to 2000:        Special Projects Coordinator - Valley Children's Hospital, Madera, CA.

Developed barcode-based pharmacy total physical inventory system.  Integrated this system with the pharmacy suppliers billing information system for automated current cost-of-goods valuation for both pre-packed and pharmacy manufactured inventory. 

Developed narcotics administration auditing for both Pyxis® and Omnicell® computerized automated dispensing systems. This auditing compares cohort groups of staff and determines narcotics administration pattern differences that are statistically significant. This proactive approach assists pharmacy managers in monitoring for and detecting any narcotics diversion within their respective institutions.

Developed sophisticated Pharmacy Medication Administration Record (MAR) systems, reporting, departmental intranet and other online functionalities to support the Pharmacy Services Department. Elected to return to the Poison Center full-time after having completed said tasks. 

1983 to 1995:        Clinical Pharmacist, Fresno Community Hospital & Medical Center

Developed barcode-based anesthesia drug tray billing and inventory control systems integrated with the pharmacy order entry and billing system. 

Developed Clinical Pharmacy Services Pharmacokinetic Consultation software solution utilizing PC's and Hewlett-Packard hand-held programmable calculators.  

1983 to 1996:        Certified Poison Information Specialist/Applications Developer, Fresno Regional Poison Center


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