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PyxLab© 'Eye-in-the-Sky' Narcotics Administration Analysis System

PyxLab© harvests data collected by Pyxis® or Omnicell® automated computerized drug distribution cabinets. This data is then processed and analyzed to compare the narcotics administration patterns of cohort groups of staff across an institution. This provides proactive monitoring for potential narcotics diversion.

Key Benefits

Utilizes narcotics administration records that already exist in Pyxis® or Omnicell® drug distribution systems.
Compares cohort users (i.e. Oncology nurses against Oncology nurses...typically against the same patient populations.)
Proactively looking for possible narcotics diversion.
Deterrence - Ongoing aggressive 'Eye-in-the-Sky' narcotics monitoring (Reports distributed to Nursing supervisors by Pharmacy management with required manager response to potential diversion patterns detected outside statistical norms) hopefully deters diversion.


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